Window Frosting Techniques


Are you seeking privacy through your bathroom window or bedroom window? But don’t want the cost or effort or permanency of blinds, curtains or shutters. Want to keep all the light flooding through. Derivan Gel Medium - privacy frosting is the answer to use as a window block out.

Cracking Medium Techniques

cracking medium 

Achieve a time-worn cracked and peeling paint effect. Cracking was originally used to make the paint look old. However, now it is also used as an effect in its own right. 

Also, know as craquelure and crackling paint.

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varnishing techniques 

Get information about commonly asked questions about varnishing techniques like which types go well with what surface and best practices for varnishing Artworks. 

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wood graining 

Basic woodgrain can be as simple as dragging a brush through a wet glaze all the way to employing detailed masking techniques to copy intricate inlay patterns (also called intarsia) and using advanced wood-graining tools.

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fabric painting techniques 

Get to know the different techniques for painting on Fabric using Derivan Fabric fixative and using a collection of tools to create certain effects on fabric. 

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photo transfer

Learn different kinds of Photo transferring like 3D Transfer and Flat Transfers using a range of Derivan mediums. 

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surface preparation 

Click here to get all sorts of tips and tricks for Surface Preparation. Whether it be Paining on wood, glass, Leather, plastic or vynol your sure to find a solution for every kind of surface. 

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screen printing techniques 

Screen printing essentially involves "pushing" ink through a screen over a stencil. Silkscreens were initially made, as the name suggests, from silk cloth. These days you will find most frames are stretched with synthetic materials. However, the process remains the same.

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pouring techniques 

Acrylic pouring is a painting technique where acrylic paint is mixed with  Derivan Pouring Medium  and then poured onto a surface in a variety ways. 

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watercolour techniques 

Get to know more about all the different types of watercolour techniques like Glazing, Wet on Dry, and also ways in using Acrylics as a watercolour alternative.

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hue, chroma, tint, shade and tone.

Although colour is the basic component of art, it is a more complex concept than it may seem. While many artists understand the technical names of colours, there are also a number of terms that define the attributes of colour at a more complex level. These include hue, chroma, tint, shade and tone.

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decoupage techniques 

Derivan Polymer Gloss Varnish  is also used as a sealer and glue as well as the varnish for decoupage. Many coats can be applied and the Derivan Polymer Gloss Varnish can be sanded between coats if required.