Fabric art dimensonal

If you are looking to add a new dimension to your fabric art, then Derivan Fabric Art Dimensional is the product for you. While many fabric paints are designed to form an even film on fabric, Derivan Fabric Art Dimensional allows you to create lines of tubular paint that remain raised after drying and washing. They come in a full range of 10 standard and 3 fluorescent colours that will glow under UV light in easy-squeeze bottles with a precision nozzle.


Derivan Fabric Art Dimensional can be applied on its own or over designs made with Derivan Fabric Art Paint or Derivan Fabric Art Markers. They work on cotton, polyester and most fabrics. Be sure to wear protective clothing and rinse any unwanted product from clothing before it dries. You can always practice drawing lines on paper before attempting to apply your design to fabric.

Ensure the fabric is clean and dry, prewash new fabric to remove any sizing which will stop the Fabric Art Dimensionals from adhering. Shake the bottle and remove the cap. As the bottle is squeezed, a line of paint will dispense from the nozzle. Keep the bottle moving slowing and make the line or shape as required. Allow the paint to dry in the sun for approximately 1-2 hours - avoid touching the paint during this time. Once dry it will remain a raised line that is flexible, waterproof and able to be gently washed. Fluro colours will “glow” under UV light.

You will find that this product is easier to apply to a taut fabric surface as the bottle tip will not “catch” on any loose or creased fabric. To do this you can stretch the fabric over a sturdy piece of cardboard and secure with bullbog clips, adhesive tape or clothes pegs. An HB pencil can be used to lightly sketch a design on your fabric to use as a guide for paint application. This will wash out of the fabric after washing.

If you are using Derivan Fabric Art Dimensional over Derivan Fabric Art fabric paint, ensure the paint is dry so the surface doesn’t get “scratched” during application. Apply as per the method above.

If you make a mistake scrape the Derivan Fabric Art Dimensional off before it dries and rinse thoroughly. You may need to wash the item in a washing machine on a cold setting. If the stain is set in the fabric then rethink your design and try and cover the stain as much as possible.

Please note that colours may darken slightly as they dry.

  • For a stained glass effect, use bright coloured fabric paint and then use black Derivan Fabric Art Dimensional for outlines.

  • T-shirts aren’t the only fabric products that can be decorated with Derivan Fabric Art Dimensional. Canvas shoes, bags and hats also work well.

  • Derivan Fabric Art Dimensional can be used to create a border for other Derivan fabric art paints or fabric art markers. For example, you could use it to draw a decorative picture frame and then paint a small picture inside.

Don’t feel you have to create an elaborate and intricate design. In fact, simpler designs are often the best.

Wipe the tip of the applicator and replace the cap when not in use. Store upright in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. If the nozzle becomes clogged, use a pin or paper clip to un-block or in extreme cases unscrew and rinse with warm water.

Derivan Fabric Art Dimensional does not need to be heat fixed. Allow to dry in a flat position for 4-8 hours. Cures and is wash fast after 72 hours.

Allow 72 hours before washing. Gentle machine-washing in cold water. Do not use bleach. Hang to dry. DO NOT use a clothes dryer.

Fabric Art
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