Whatever you need for your Fabric painting project, Derivan has you covered. 

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How to turn t-shirts, canvas shoes and fabric into unique and wearable statements

Derivan FabricArt is the newest way to make your mark. This range of fabric art markers, Fabric paint and 3D dimensional Paint is perfect for customising and creating unique designs on most fabrics. All you need is Derivan FabricArt and some creative spirit to up-cycle and make some eye-catching fashion.




What can you do with Fabric Paint?

We have a ton of videos you can use for inspiration go here to see the collection. In this youtube library you will find the answer to many questions you may have about painting on Fabric.

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Derivan SCREEn ink


 Derivan Screen Ink comes in easy to use 250ml and 1L sizes. With a palette of 28 intermixing colours your colour choices are endless.

Silkscreen printing is the technique of pushing ink through a screen over a stencil by using a utensil called a squeegee.

Silkscreens were initially made, as the name suggests, from silk cloth. Fast forward to now, and most screens use synthetic materials; however, the process remains the same.

The cloth is stretched over the frame (usually wood, sometimes plastic or aluminium) and this forms what is known as the screen.

Ink is passed across the screen with a stiff piece of rubber or squeegee. As the ink is dragged across the screen, it is deposited through the holes between the strands that make up the warp and weft of the screen and onto the surface below.

The amount of ink deposited on the surface will be determined predominantly by the mesh size of the screen (the mesh size refers to the size of the holes or, more precisely, how many holes per square inch).

A stencil is used to block out areas where the colour is not wanted. This stencil can be as simple as a piece of paper or plastic with a design cut out of it or if longer print runs are required (paper stencils are generally only suitable for a few prints)


Derivan Fabric Art Markers are are great for decorating many types of fabrics.  Customise your t-shirts, jeans, shoes and carry bags with illustrations, words, drawings or writings. Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless!

 Derivan Fabric Art Markers are available in a range of bold colours and feature a double-ended tip to help you create lines of varying widths to add versatility and depth to your designs - use them for detailed work, to outline letters or for wide strokes of colour. Available in (……) bright colours, these markers are acid and odour free.  They are also fade resistant on most fabrics and can be washed after heat fixing.Make your mark with Derivan Fabric Art Markers!